Purchase Supplies for the Sanctuary

We would really appreciate any donations of food and other supplies for our animals. You can see below some of the items we always need at the sanctuary.

Goat and Pig pellets

This range is really great for various animals, but not all their products are available on Amazon. Please don’t hesitate to purchase from any other local supplier instead, if you would like to help us with animal feed.

Heat Lamps & Pads

These items would greatly help keep sick and injured animals warm in our new hospital area. We also added some health supplements and medical supplies to the list.

Various Seeds and Bird Pellets

There is a selection of good products for hens, ducks and small birds, as well as feeders and bedding. We would greatly appreciate your help if you would like to send some of these items to the sanctuary.

We are always extremely grateful to our supporters for helping us give the animals the best care possible for all these years. We rely on a small group of volunteers and mostly private donors to run the sanctuary. We do not receive any funding from the government and don’t have any regular corporate sponsors, which makes every donation of food, supplies or money incredibly valuable to us.

Click here if you prefer making a monetary donation.

Thank you from Everyone at Back Into Daylight!

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