Leave a Gift to Our Sanctuary in Your Will

Residuary bequeath, gift of a fixed sum or of a specific item

By remembering us in your will, you can help us make long-term plans and make sure many more animals in need will continue receiving care, medical treatment and a comfortable life away from abuse and neglect.

While many of us can’t commit to a larger donation while alive because of all unpredictable situations that can happen in our lifetime, it is quite different once we’re gone. It is important to make a will to ensure that what you have is distributed in the way you would want it to be and to allow you to make provisions for those you love and to continue supporting causes that are dear to your heart.

If you are supporting our work, leaving a gift to our Sanctuary in your will could be a great way of enabling you to continue to support our efforts to help animals, even after you’re gone. 

It is of course a very personal decision, but legacy gifts can have a phenomenal impact in helping so many beautiful souls who survived the most terrible struggles.

When and how to write a will

Life is unpredictable and one doesn’t have to be sick or to get old to make a will. It simply gives people the peace of mind and a bit of comfort knowing that they took care of their loved ones and causes that matter to them.

Most solicitors would be able to give professional advice based on your personal circumstances and can help you write the will. It can also be changed at any time, if your circumstances change.

There are three ways you can leave a gift to a charity in your will:

Residuary bequeath

This means the remainder or part of the remainder of what you own is bequeathed to the charity of your choice, once all of your family and loved ones have been taken care of.

Gift of a fixed sum

This is a specific sum of money you would like to donate to your chosen charity. You can ask for this donation amount to be index-linked to ensure its value remains the same over time.

Gift of a specific item

This could be valuable belongings such as jewellery, household items, a building or shares. Your solicitor will be able to give you advice on which option best suits your wishes and personal circumstances.

The amount or items you would like to gift are entirely your decision. No matter how small or large your gift is, it will make a lasting difference to our work and will be hugely valued!

We are a registered charity and legacy gifts to charities are entirely tax-free in Ireland, so the totality of your donation will go directly to helping sick, injured, neglected and rescued animals.

Many thanks for considering to make a gift to Back Into Daylight in your will!

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