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Help us give our animals the best care possible by becoming a monthly donor and a proud sponsor of one of our beautiful residents.

How it works

Learn how to become a sponsor

Most of our residents stay with us forever and depend on us for a lifetime of care. By sponsoring one or more of our permanent residents , you can help keep them healthy, happy and safe. In return we will send you your sponsor certificate, keep you updated about our animals and make sure you can visit your protégé at Back Into Daylight Animal Sanctuary.

If you would like to sponsor one or more of our residents, please select the animal from the list below and simply click on the button that displays the monthly donation amount. PayPal will ask you to log in or to pay using a card. Choose whichever works best for you.

Thank you for considering to support our work of rescuing and rehabilitating animals and giving them a safe and comfortable home.

You will find below all sponsorship options. Your monthly renewable donation will provide the animal you’ve chosen with all basic supplies: food, drinking and bathing water, bedding, insulation and ongoing veterinary supplies such as deworming and health supplements.

Sponsor a Hen

In July 2021 we got a chance to save 200 hens on the day when they were scheduled to leave for the slaughterhouse. This meant an increase of the number of animals at the sanctuary by ⅓ overnight! It was challenging as we had to build a new shed, treat all the hens who are unwell, stock up on food, medicine, bedding and other supplies. Caring for our rescue hens still represents the highest cost for us at Back Into Daylight.

Monthly Donation to Sponsor one of Our Cats

We care for over 30 cats here at Back Into Daylight. Most were rescued from a situation of neglect, abandoned or found roaming on the streets. Some of the cats came to the sanctuary themselves and made our place their home. A lot of them are senior cats with special needs who require personalised care and regular visits to the vet.

Sponsor a Pigeon

By donating only 3 euros per month you can help us care for a lovely pigeon who relies on us for a lifetime of care. All 260 pigeons we have are domesticated birds who unfortunately can’t live in the wild and require feeding, care and proper housing. They are incredible individuals: sociable, gentle with us and with each other and very intelligent!

Sponsor one of Our Goats

Back Into Daylight is home to five beautiful rescue goats: Alba, Karina, Will, Ivy and Jake. All are survivors of the milk industry. Here at the sanctuary they are safe and free. Females won’t have to be forcefully impregnated, separated from their babies and plugged to machines for their milk to be sucked out. Males won’t be treated as disposable unwanted byproducts. We love them so much and can’t imagine our lives without them.

Sponsor a Cockerel

Thirty beautiful cockerels live with us at the sanctuary. Some of them arrived relatively recently (Russel, Bosco, Champ and others) and integrated very well with the rest of the gang. Some of the lads are quite big, some others are rather miniature but all need an abundance of food, fresh bedding and often medical attention. They also require several separate enclosures, as not all boys get along well. Please consider to sponsor one of our lovely fellas to help with the cost of looking after them.

Monthly Donation to Sponsor one of Our Lovely Pigs

We have three wonderful pigs at the sanctuary – Charlotte, Bella and Bertie. Girls arrived to us as tiny babies and grew up to become gentle giants. They weight about 250kg each and require a lot of food: special pig pellets, fresh fruits and vegetables and health supplements, as they have been intensively bred and are not built for longevity. We also make sure all three receive medical treatment whenever needed.

Sponsor a Duck

We care for 11 lovely ducks of three different types at the sanctuary, including white pekin ducks who are vastly exploited for their flesh all across Europe. Our little guys were lucky to escape their horrific fate and live happily among us, enjoying access to the water, plenty of fresh grass and good quality nutritious food. Please consider sponsoring one of our beautiful ducks to provide them with food, comfort and medication, whenever needed.

Sponsor one of Our Dogs

All dogs who became part of our big family at Back Into Daylight came from a situation of abandonment or neglect. We lost some of our lovely friends to old age over the years but still care for three wonderful dogs who are dearly loved and follow us everywhere around the sanctuary.

Offer Sponsorship as a Gift

You can give a 6 months or a 1 year sponsorship to someone you love, as a present. We will send them a personalised certificate and updates about their little protégé.

Choose Who You Would Like to Sponsor

We have over five hundred animals in our permanent care. You can choose a specific animal that you want to sponsor or just the species and we’ll choose for you.

Other Ways You Can Help the Sanctuary

There are also other great ways you can help our residents. Please have a look at this page to see all the options. Thank you for considering to support us!

Thank You From

Everyone at the Sanctuary!

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