Back Into Daylight Animal Sanctuary

Welcome to Back Into Daylight Rescue Centre and Sanctuary, home to Mr Piggy – a wild boar, a goat, eleven cats,six dogs, 80 hens, and two humans.Our aim is to give all our animals a loving home ,peace and quiet to live out their lives. We are a vegan sanctuary dedicated to a vegan way of life,and to promote veganism .To show people how wonderful all animals are,and that they are not ours to eat or abuse in anyway.

Sponsor one of our Beautiful residents this Christmas

What better Christmas present could you give this year than one that helps where it matters?

Most of our residents stay with us forever and depend on us for a lifelong of care because they are no longer able to fend for themselves. By sponsoring one or more of the permanent members of our family, you can help us keep them healthy, happy and safe and support our work rescuing and rehabilitating other animals. In return, you’ll become a special friend of Back Into Daylight Animal Sanctuary.

All of our permanent residents incur costs including food, shelter, bedding, veterinary bills etc and sponsoring one of these animals helps us meet these costs.

Meet the many residents here. In Back Into Daylights we care for Dogs, Cats, Goats, Drakes, Geese, Hens, and a Wild Boar. If you would like to sponsor one resident in particular, just add their name into the Paypal comments section.

We will send you out a small ‘thank you’ pack for your support. It also serves as a proud reminder of the individual animal you are helping to care for, with a certificate of sponsorship and also a photo for display.


  • A personalised certificate in recognition of your adoption
  • Personal Story of the Sponsored Resident.
  • A photo of your chosen animal

Sponsor One Resident: 30euro (Paypal Link)

Help Fundraise for Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary .By having a Sponsored ,Run, Walk , Swim, Sell off some items, Donate your old car to the Sanctuary, Any other ideas that you can think of to raise funds , have fun and help the Animals at the same time

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Bruno and Mandela brothers who are the best of friends

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Husky our friend in his basket chilling out


Holly and Ivy our new arrivals at the Sanctuary. A woman had these two goats mother and daughter she had not got enough room and help to keep them . I know it is Christmas but that are the names she gave them and she had them for the last month and they respond to their names. She asked us to take them and now they are at Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary. They are very timed and frightened of strangers it will take time for us to gain their trust. Then they will be introduced to Louie our resident goat. The three of them will have a great time and Louie will have friends to chat to.


Little Cockerels arrive at Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary little hens

Eight new arrivals at Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary


Justin one of our fabulous cockerels at Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary.


Pan one of our wonderful hens and Ella one of our wonderful dogs .


Midday yawn with Ella, Deacey, and Scooby and friends .


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