Sponsor one of the beautiful residents at the Sanctuary.

Dogs  , Cats , Goats , Drakes , Geese , Hens , Arthur our wild boar , Pigs , Hens and Cockerels

Go to Home page to Donate click on Donate

To Sponsor give a Donation of amount that you would like to give ,any amount would be great .Suggested prices.

Dogs -30 euros a month

Cats-25 euros a month

Goats -30 euros a month

Drakes -20 euros a month

Geese -20 euros a month

Hens – 15 euros a month

Arthur pig -40 euros a month

Pigs – 30 euros a month

Hens and Cockerels -15 euros a month
What better Christmas present could you give this year than one that helps where it matters.

Most of our residents stay with us forever and depend on us for a lifetime of care and are no longer able to fend for themselves.

By sponsoring one or more of our permanent residents , you can help keep them healthy happy and safe.

You will be supporting our work of rescuing and rehabilitating animals and giving them a home.

In return you will become a special friend of Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary.

All of our permanent residents incur costs including Food, Vet bills , Medicine , Bedding , Housing , Fencing , etc .

Sponsoring on or more of the animals will help us meet some these costs.

Meet some of the residents at the Sanctuary here .

Dogs , Cats , Goats , Drakes , Geese , Hens , Arthur our wild boar. prices from 30 euros up to what you feel like paying

If you would like to sponsor one or more  just add their name into the paypal comments.

We will send you a certificate of sponsorship with a picture of that animal and keep you updated on the animal.

Go to Donate heading on main page and scroll down to donate button.

To feed, House , and give them medicine, and keep them safe for a year takes a lot of effort.

2 thoughts on “Sponsor one of the beautiful residents at the Sanctuary.

  1. Hi, I would like to make a donation on behalf of someone as a gift. Ideally it would be lovely for them to receive an update about an animal as though they had adopted them, however this will be a lump sum donation rather than a recurring monthly donation. Would this be possible? Thanks

  2. Hi Katie yes that would be great . I can send them a Gift with their name on it or I can send the gift crt to you to fill in . You will need to send me their name . We will put the amount and the animals name you give on their behalf . Yes we can send updates on any of the animals you choose to adopt. Yes lump sum Donation will be wonderful. Thanks so much Declan- Back Into Daylight Animal Sanctuary . Go to our wbsite to donate https://backintodaylight.com/

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