Pigeons at Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary. We have four pigeons sick at the moment one with a sore leg one with a very bad eye infection one with a twisted neck condition which often happens to pigeons one is very unwell for some reason. We have had all four at the vets some of them twice all are on medicine now. We have spent over 350 euros so far on vets and medicine.These are just 4 of the 200 pigeons at the Sanctuary. You can Donate for the Animals on our website.


Vegan Volunteers at Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary Navan County Meath Ireland on Sunday 22-4-2018. Thanks so much to everyone who came to work for the Animals and helped make the lives of the 400 Animals at the Sanctuary better . 21 Volunteers from all parts of Ireland and internationally helped on that wonderful day a lot of them had a long drive back home . These are just some of the pictures of people hard at work it was hard to take more as I was showing people what to do and helping with the fencing. Thanks to Galway Vegan potluck who made a collection for the Sanctuary on Saturday evening . We can do so much more for the Animals and people can Donate on the Sanctuary website:www.backintodaylight.com Thanks again to everyone .