Christmas time appeal for donation for Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary. We have 400 animals at the sanctuary and all the rescued animals that we help back to good health. We strive to do our best for all the animals at the sanctuary. With your help we can do more for the animals. Some of the animal faces below. Go to our website to donate.

Bella and Charlotte two Earthlings friends not food at Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary . We are building a new house and fenced area for these two ladies and it is very expensive . To donate go to our website we will make sure they are safe and comfortable .

We are building a new shed at Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary for the Animals. It is very expensive and very time consuming to construct it as well as looking after the 400 animals we have even with some help from some wonderful volunteers. We need funding to complete it and we can do so much more for more animals with your help. Go to our website : to donate to give the animals a comfortable house to live in.