Some of the patients at Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary . Pigeons, Cockerels and a Seagull getting medical treatment at the Sanctuary. A very busy time for sick one we took in from several different places . To donate for these patients go to our


Lock up at Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary as Hurricane Ophelia approaches . Fear that the Animals and their houses would be blown away has forced us to lock everyone in for the day . All the Animals are all well feed and watered and the will be fine as long as their houses stay standing during the Hurricane . We hope everyone of them survive and live to see happier days tomorrow . We hope for no expensive damage and fear for all the Animals on this horrendous day.

Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary will be at the Vegetarian society of Ireland event on Sunday the 1st of October in St Andrews Resource center on Tara street in Dublin.[gallery1621]/0/ People can donate at our stall and buy t-shits ,Caps , sweatshirts and other things . People can also donate on our website

Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary and V.E.G.O. at Dublin Vegfest . Thanks to all who came to help Anne , Monika , Jim , Shauna , Lisa , Steve . What a wonderful few days great tanks to all who bought T-shirts and sweatshirts and all those who Donated money . Great tribute to all of the Dublin Vegfest team and all the volunteers who made these days so wonderful.Go to our website to donate

T shirts ,Sweatshirts and caps with our new design for the Sanctuary . These will be for sale at Dublin Vegfest on Saturday and Sunday at our stall. Please support the over 400 residents at the Sanctuary you can also make a donation at our stall or on our. website : Support Dublin Vegfest for all the hard work they all put in to get this great event together. Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary wish everyone a great couple of days at the festival.