We are delighted to have James Aspey a great Vegan activist staying with us at Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary. We always need donations o feed and keep healthy all the over 400 creatures at the Sanctuary.https://backintodaylight.com/ James Aspey will be talking at Dublin Vegfest this Saturday and Sunday so please come along to hear his wonderful talks.


T shirts ,Sweatshirts and caps with our new design for the Sanctuary . These will be for sale at Dublin Vegfest on Saturday and Sunday at our stall. Please support the over 400 residents at the Sanctuary you can also make a donation at our stall or on our. website :https://backintodaylight.com/ Support Dublin Vegfest for all the hard work they all put in to get this great event together. Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary wish everyone a great couple of days at the festival.