Dora a Pigeon will be a new resident at Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary. She was found on the streets of Dublin city by Onia huddled on the side of the street. She has a great wound on her lower back she was run over by a car or the Luas. All her tail feathers were torn out and her wound is all around that area.We have her on antibiotics and other medicine and she is doing well and she is eating good.We hope she recover well but she will live at the sanctuary now as her tail feathers may never grow back fully. Thanks to Roger for contacting us after he seen the post about the pigeon on Facebook and we agreed to take her Thanks also to Roger for collecting her from Onia and bringing her to the sanctuary on Saturday evening . Injured animals need help very quickly so please be fast with all your effort when you find one anywhere. Any donations to help all the rescued animals we take in will be great plus the 400 who live with us all the time go to our website to donate-

Pigeons at Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary. We have four pigeons sick at the moment one with a sore leg one with a very bad eye infection one with a twisted neck condition which often happens to pigeons one is very unwell for some reason. We have had all four at the vets some of them twice all are on medicine now. We have spent over 350 euros so far on vets and medicine.These are just 4 of the 200 pigeons at the Sanctuary. You can Donate for the Animals on our website.

lovely little pigeon

We found this pigeon on the side of the road he must have fallen out of his nest he was only tiny . We hand feed him for two months and kept him warm ,we got up twice a night to feed him. He used to fly around the house from room to room and … Continue reading lovely little pigeon