Aero the great muscovy drake with his 3 pals the geese at Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary outside Navan county Meath.These are just 4 of the 400 animals at the Sanctuary.To donate for the animals go to our-

Christmas time Appeal for funds for Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary This is Gertie and Julie just two of the heavenly Geese at the Sanctuary . We look after the Animals 24-7-365 .We have the joy of been with they enjoying their happiness and beauty . We have also to endure their sickness and death and the feeling of what more could we have done or what changes we can make to extend their lives for those who have died .The joy and the pain goes with having so many Animals but they are so worth every ounce of energy we put into looking after them . They inspire us to do so much for as many Animals as possible . They also inspire us to do Vegan outreach every week and to encourage more people to GO VEGAN and to see the beauty of every single Animal.