DJ Cookie on the stereo looking at the World from on high . She is just one of the 400 animals at Back Into Daylight Animal Sanctuary . Registered Charity number 20204746 . CHY number 22518 .To Donate go to our website

The calm before the storm at Back Into Daylight Animal Sanctuary . We hope all the Earthlings at the sanctuary survive the storm. We are preparing all their evening meals now so we can close all the doors of their houses when the storm gets bad .We always have some sick animals at the sanctuary and all this bad wet weather is hard on every animal . All the animals are looking forward to some warmer dry weather . March and April are always the hardest on the animals because they have endured so much over the winter and summer takes forever to arrive . Keep safe all the Earthlings everywhere today during this storm.

Appeal for funds to get all the cats Vaccinated because some of the cats have Feline Leukaemia at Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary . Registered Sanctuary number 20204746 . We are outside Navan in County Meath Ireland. It will cost 85 euros for each cat to get two shots of vaccine one now and one in three weeks . We have 27 cats at the sanctuary and a couple more that don’t come into the house we will have a job to catch those but the rest wont be so bad to catch and bring to the vets. We lost one lovely fellow called Rory because of this infection he was amazing nice cat .Also we had to get Poly operated on because of complications because of this infection and that cost a lot of money. She is doing good now and hopefully she will get a good few years of happiness now .