Coach trip to the Burren fundraiser event

Coach trip to the Burren fundraiser event with the great help of VEGAN Ireland. What a great day out we had and we all helped the animals at Back into Daylight animal sanctuary into the bargain as well. Great stuff and a billion thanks to all involved especially our sponsor Mark who gave us the coach for a day for free,what a wonderful man he is to this for the animals.To Vegan Ireland and especially Ed with whom I had hours and hours of phone calls to get the event right so as to give people a great day out.To all the people in vegan Ireland who helped.To our coach driver Joe who was so friendly to everyone and made the day so enjoyable .Thanks to everyone who came on the trip and to those who could not make it for some reason or other.To those who donated to the sanctuary a billion thanks from all at Back into Daylight animal sanctuary.

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