Fundraiser for Back into Daylight animal sanctuary please come on our tour

This is a fundraiser for Back into Daylight animal sanctuary.Please donate something if you are not going on the bus coach trip.Their is so much to be done for the animals at Back into animal sanctuary.We will have fun on the day,it will be a badly needed break for all involved in the plight of animals and their suffering at the hands of men and women in Ireland.

Book your place for the tour on the 20th of September it will cost 30 euros at our website under donate scroll down to see pay pal button.

A generous has donated a bus for the day and we thank him greatly .We would love to fill the bus so please try and come on our tour for the sake of the animals they always need your help.

Funding will go for Food ,Vet bills,Medicine, Bedding ,Fencing ,Repairs to sheds ,wear and tear of tools ,and new construction of fences and sheds. Go Vegan and end the suffering of animals.Goodness will prevail over evil lets keep on striving for the animals day after day.

please click here for full details.

Vegan Ireland's photo.


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