Building new hen house and compound

Building was carried out during the summer of 2013 a lot of expense to do this project for back into daylight animal sanctuary.Some labour was supplied by Vegan Ireland helpers,we are so thankful for their help and the animals will have a better life because of their help.hens 23-7-2013hens and 23-7-2013hens house 23-7-2013hens new house and 23-7-2013hens shed 23-7-2013S1240034S1240044S1240049S1240050S1240055S1240059S1240063S1240068S1240069S1240074S1240079S1240082S1240087S1240093S1240094S1240097hens new house 23-7-2013S1240038S1240054S1240066S1240076S1240089S1240100S1240104Photo0681Photo0682Photo0683Photo0684Photo0685Photo0686Photo0687Photo0688Photo0689Photo0692Photo0693Photo0694Photo0722Photo0723Photo0724Photo0725Photo0726Photo0727Photo0728Photo0729


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